...Daniel felt more like a guest at our wedding than the photographer.



...Daniel felt more like a guest at our wedding than the photographer.


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You are paying not only for a wedding photographer but for your treasured memories to be captured forever and to ensure that the experience on your wedding day is as enjoyable as it can be.

Let my Clients say something about me:

"We love your work and love that it is stylish, fun, natural and artistic"

"Daniel. Firstly, I just want to say you were absolutely fantastic and put me at ease from the moment you came to our room. Your questions and help at the start really rested my mind as I was very nervous. You told me exactly what I should do from not only a photograph point of view but about walking up the aisle etc. I was glad to have you talk me through all that.  

Secondly, my children think you are the coolest person on earth, they have not stopped talking about you! Thank you for being so good to them. You went above and beyond and I am very grateful. 

Lastly, you were a pleasure to work with,...

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I forgot you were there and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the posed photos in the garden. I really got into it as you were so positive and encouraging. You made us both feel good about ourselves. 

I cannot wait to see our photos and thanks again for being amazing. You are the best.”

Samantha and David - wedding Dublin

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