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Lazuna Events

Ireland & Lanzarote: Wedding & Event Planning Specialists


Lazuna Events

Ireland & Lanzarote: Wedding & Event Planning Specialists

About Lazuna Events

At Lazuna Events we offer exclusive Wedding and Event Planning services with the convenience and expertise of everything under one roof. We specialise in couples wishing to get married in both Ireland and Lanzarote. We cater for all types of events, from small to large and each can be specifically tailored to suit your budget. We will be as involved as you wish from full involvement in planning your entire event to overseeing the Special Day or Exclusive Event. If you don't need a wedding planner but would like help sourcing your suppliers, our β€˜Little Bit of Help’ packages are ideal for you.

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Let Lazuna Events take the stress out of your wedding and event planning and avail of our below services:

πŸ’– A Little Bit of Help (Bronze, Gold & Silver Packages)
πŸ’– Full Day Planning
πŸ’– On the Wedding Day Co-ordination
πŸ’– Wedding Day 2 Events
πŸ’– Renewal of Vows
πŸ’– Engagement Parties
πŸ’– Proposals
πŸ’– Personalised Butlers Chocolate Wedding Favours
πŸ’– Bespoke Personalised Gifts
πŸ’– VR Videography
πŸ’– Wedding Invitations & Stationary...

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πŸ’ž Butlers Chocolate Wedding Favours which can also be personalised. We also have a range of catering boxes if you wish to make your own wedding favours or have gorgeous chocolates on the table after your dinner.

πŸ’ž Bespoke Personalised Gifts for all occasions

πŸ’ž VR Videography - relive your wedding day and get to see everyone’s reactions, emotions and everything that you missed. This is amazing and a must to see. With VR Videography we are not in the room while your event is taking place, we are in a room outside watching the recordings. We will have placed a 360 degree camera in the room prior to your event so there is no problem with social distancing.

πŸ’ž Luxury Invitations


Having worked in Event Management for over 25 years organising events in Europe, Ireland and organising my own wedding in Lanzarote, we have set up a Wedding & Event Planning company which offers you all the services you need under one roof. Lazuna Events have a fantastic team which offers everything you require from writing and posting your invitations, to styling and decorating your venue, to ensure your special day goes exactly as you have dreamed of all your life.

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