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Mighty Weddings

Cinematic wedding films

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Mighty Weddings

Cinematic wedding films

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About Mighty Weddings

Welcome to Mighty Weddings. Cinematic wedding videos created by Galway man Seán Power. He's been shooting weddings for over 8 years.

Seán runs his studio out of his Dublin 7 base. He shoots nationwide having shot weddings in pretty much the four corners of Ireland. So no matter where you are getting married Mighty Weddings can be there.

What is a typical day on one of my weddings shoots?

Filming starts approx 2 hours before the ceremony. (Times are flexible of course). All my footage is captured in a fly on the wall style. I hang about in each room and see what's going on. Who's having a laugh? What are the special little details that are worth capturing.

I try to capture a flavor of the atmosphere with an eye out for special moments and anything that catches my eyes and ears. My goal is to capture some great footage for the editing work yet to come.

Next it's on to the ceremony. I like to get there early so I can set up a couple of cameras and some discreet mics in the venue before your guests arrive. The whole...

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ceremony is captured in HQ picture and sound. During the ceremony I like shoot from the sides and in general stick to the edges and back of the room. Zoom lenses work great for this. My cameras are silent too and don't go clickety click or flash constantly throughout the ceremony!

After the ceremony I continue to float around and mingle among the crowd discreetly. They will hardly even notice I am there and when they do notice they generally give a wave or a smile.... or maybe a scowl! By the end of the day everyone is usually giving me a wave. (Or telling me that it's an awful long day for you... if I hear that one more time!)

All the shots I use in the finished wedding films are carefully chosen. I want just the shots that will flatter people, capture an emotion or an element of the story. Shots that arn't flattering end up on the editing room floor. (Well the trash can on the computer)

I am happy to work with your photographer on what ever shoots they may be planning throughout the day. It's not easy being a wedding photographer. There's a lot of organizing and stress for them on the day. So I am quite happy to shoot over their shoulder for most of the time.

I may ask to pose a shot or two on an occasion. If I think it may add a bit of emotional or cinematic value to the film. Or if it's a bit of craic!

While you have your photos done and when I have collected enough shots of that moment. I may sneak back off to see what your guests are up to! What kind of messing are they up too! This is where having a wedding video really shines. You can't be in two places at the one time of course. So while you are doing your photos or generally tied up else where let the video be your eyes and ears.

Once you sit down to dinner (unless the speeches are before the meal) I pack away the camera for the duration of the meal. I think at this stage of the day the Bridal party and guest have posed for enough shots and even need a little break too! Once those coffees come out and I see that microphone coming out too then it's back to business.

Speeches are filmed on a couple of cameras set up at discreet location and same goes for the mics too. These are all set up discreetly before the speeches begin and taken down discreetly afterwards (When possible of course!) Rooms come in all shapes and sizes!

After that it's onto the first dance and the rest of the dancing! Here I like to get in the thick of the action. I have some lovely smaller sized cameras that can be taken onto the dance floor and right into the action! I might dance about a bit like an ejit myself if.... it let's me catch a good shot of Uncle Billy doing the splits.
After 3 or 4 dances pass I generally slink away into the night.

So that's it! Your wedding day has been filmed! Hopefully you will have barely noticed me there at all. You can rest assured knowing your day has been thoroughly captured in high quality cinematic style!

The job's not over for me. Not by far now it's on to the editing work. All that great footage is uploaded onto my computer and I get to work piecing it all together. There's usually a lot of footage and it takes a while to organize it all. Each clip is carefully selected on it's own artistic and emotional merits. Does it help to tell the story? Well if the answer if yes then it's in!

It typically takes around 2 - 3 days in the editing room to take the Raw material and shape it into finished films. Generally the edit is double the length of the wedding shoot. It can't be rushed though as this the most important part. I like to produce films that are a mixture of mostly musical highlights with some little snippets of dialogue taken from the vows and ceremony. You can have it all music if you like that's no problem!

Films are ready within 90 days of your wedding. Perhaps sooner even depending on who busy I am.
You will get two highlights films:

The Short Film - A 4- 5 minute long short highlight film that tells the broad story of your wedding day. This is edited to a music track which you may choose if you like. It will have lots of great clips and may have some select bits of audio from your vows and speeches too. The aim is make a short beautiful film of your wedding day that you can show your friends over and over again because it's nice and short!

The Long film - This is a 30 minute long highlight film. This is your wedding day in finer detail. This film includes all the best clips and moments from start to finish. It also has abridged versions of your ceremony and speeches with all the best moments included. This is for ye to watch and to show your kids in years to come. Didn't everybody look great!

Oh and you also get two extras video too:
You get a film of your ceremony and speeches too.

All these films will be provided together in HD video quality on a tastefully designed wooden USB ornamental set. You can get DVD's too.... if you are old school! I also offer instagram edits. aerial videography and much more.

So that's a bit of a ramble about Mighty Weddings and what I do. I would love to hear about your wedding plans. So drop me a line today.

Best wishes



  • "Would highly recommend Mighty Weddings. Sean did our wedding videos and they are absolutely amazing! We are delighted with them! He captured our day perfectly! So talented and such a nice guy too. If you are looking for a wedding video don't look any further than Mighty weddings "
    Helen and Paddy
    7th of September 2018

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