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Imagine for a second, it's your wedding day. All your family, friends & guests are sitting and standing around making polite conversation and trying to avoid boring uncle Colm. But everyone is having a good time and that's what you want, right?

Now imagine, it's your big day and all your guests are crying laughing, whopping and clapping! Even uncle Colm is left speechless! You've put on the BEST event your guests have ever seen!

I'd love to help you host the most memorable & unique wedding you can you can possibly imagine!

My name is Oisin, and for the past number of years I've made my living as a Mindreader, Magician & Hypnotist. I blend magic, psychology, intuition, comedy, and showmanship to give the impression that I can read minds and I make sure people have FUN while I do it!

Whether I'm playing silly games with your friends, guessing passwords or influencing your guests, I make sure to amaze each and every person I meet and will help you to ensure your big day is a massive SUCCESS!

I offer a series of packages that have been designed to set the...

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tone, break the ice and ensure there's never a dull moment throughout your special day! Get in touch today so that we can have a proper chat to discuss how we can BLOW YOUR GUESTS AWAY!

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