Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

Hand Crafted & Freshly Made Ice Cream Rolls

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Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

Hand Crafted & Freshly Made Ice Cream Rolls

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About Sally's Hand Rolled Ice Cream

The Cool Desert Trend ! Thai rolled ice cream originally existed in Thailand in 2009, as a way of just mixing ingredients together with fruits and different types of ingredients. Since then the frozen dessert has become popular worldwide and is now available in Ireland!

Hand rolled ice cream is a dessert made on a steel plate chilled below freezing. Our fresh Irish vanilla ice cream base is poured onto the cold plate and mixed with other ingredients. The mixture is chopped and stirred while crystallising, until creamy.

We guarantee that each of our ice cream rolls are specially hand crafted and tailored to your taste. Using a state of the art metal pan which reaches below -30 degrees that freezes and solidifies our fresh ingredients. By mixing and chopping in the super cooled pan, a roll of hand rolled ice cream is made. Topped with dozens of delicious toppings & syrups of your choice.

Let's make your day memorable! Get in touch with us for your wedding and allow us to entertain your guests with our ice cream rolls service. We offer an alternative experience to the standard ice cream van while optionally carrying out...

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the service indoors at your wedding reception.

We believe our Ice Cream is the quintessential option for weddings as our Ice Cream service can be held indoors.This is quite favourable in wet climates such as Ireland where weather can very unpredictable.

The Quality of our Ice Cream is second to none and is freshly made to order each time before your eyes.We don't just make Ice Cream, we put on a show.

We have very competitive rates compared to other providers, see our website.

Our menu is highly versatile. We offer bespoke flavours such as Ferrero Rocher, Strawberry Meringue & Baileys Irish Cream which are perfect for weddings.

We are highly flexible with our service, we have indoor options for your drinks reception, outdoor gazebo / food trailer options and we are also adding wedding carts to our service in the near future.

Get in touch with us here!
Check us out on instagram @sallysireland
Visit our website at for more information.


  • ""I love these guys and their innovation, they are young upbeat and passionate.Their ice creams are delicious. Always ahead with their flavour combinations and new ideas".

    "A must try at Bushy Park market and a fantastic addition to any party or corporate event". "
    Clement, Product Manager.
    Musgraves Marketplace.
  • "“Thank you so much for coming to cater for our graduation, everyone was delighted with it all, it was such a treat and a special novelty that went down wonders” "
    Muckross Park College, Graduation Party.
  • ""I visited their Drumcondra stall during their guest appearance. Great weather for it and an absolute cracker of a product!" "
    Noel Rock, TD
  • "The Birthday girl had a fantastic surprise when Sally's arrived. They throughly enjoyed the time with you and the girls, and the Ice cream was a big hit. "
    Sheree 16th Birthday Party

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