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Can i have a band at my wedding during covid 19 restrictions?

Absolutely, you can. Dancing is permitted and live music is permitted.

We have been inundated with questions about live entertainment from couples who are getting married over the coming weeks. The new restrictions caused some alarm and panic at first and if you are getting married in the coming weeks, even months, this short blog will help you put your mind at ease.

Has anything changed with entertainment? 

Nothing has actually changed that much, yes less numbers, but this does not mean you cannot have a rocking wedding! If you are happy with the number restriction, then just go for it and keep your band, they will be the icing on the cake (excuse the pun). You obviously want to give your guests a great day and want them to be entertained.

We reached out to bands listed on the wedding band association and on and  got some first-hand feedback on how things are going. Firstly, couples are keeping their band as part of their big day celebrations and moving the timeline forward. The curfew in most venues is 11:30pm, we see couples sitting down for the meal earlier and hitting the dance floor earlier. YES, dancing is PERMITTED. You can still dance, social distance and have the craic. Your band and dj will add to the atmosphere, they will entertain, interact and get your guests dancing… “That’s their job”

So the truth is, weddings haven’t changed that much in relation to the latter part of the evening. You will still have your first dance and you can still celebrate with family and friends. You can dance, you can sing and you be entertained.

Should you consider scaling back on the live entertainment?

Some couples highlighted a concern that having a smaller crowd would have an impact on dancing and considered reducing the size of the band, maybe going for a more of a sing along type approach. You can certainly consider this, but it comes back to one thing “Dancing is permitted” so why consider scaling back when you can have the band that you booked in the first place. Remember, you booked them for a good reason.

Your venue might also suggest cutting back on the band numbers to allow more guests. There is a good response to this – Some guests tend to leave after the meal and in many cases, venue staff will finish their shift after the meal, so this gives you an allowance later in the evening. So you can still accommodate for your band & dj.

Make sure to engage with your wedding band and dj on an ongoing basis. They will share the feedback with you about weddings they have recently performed at and they will work to your requirements and requests.

Wishing you well with your wedding  ❤️

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