TOP Dos & Don’ts When Contacting Wedding Suppliers

TOP Dos & Don’ts When Contacting Wedding Suppliers

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with the amount of organising that goes with it (unless you’re an actual wedding planner, of course!). Every aspect of this life-changing event boils down to one thing: your judgment call. That’s why it’s SO important to get a professionals’ help wherever you can!

Be prepared from the word go with our simple dos and don’ts, that every bride should know when contacting Wedding Suppliers…

Bridal Shops 

Do shop between 6-9 months before the wedding – this will give enough time for alterations & delivery of your dress (especially if the dress is being made from overseas!). Continue reading “TOP Dos & Don’ts When Contacting Wedding Suppliers”

Are you a “closet” bridezilla?

We all know how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding; everything down to the tiniest detail like what colour the tissue box is in the ladies toilet! But we also know, some brides-to-be can take things a little step closer to crazy.

Some brides find themselves caught between opposing pressures like wanting the day to be perfect but also having to deal with the financial reality, not to mention your mum or in-laws giving their opinions on how a wedding should be. Psychologically, this can sometimes lead to stress (which we are in no way undermining!), but what is interesting is that fine line between the bride and the ‘zilla.

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Why You Should book a Professional  Wedding Photographer?

Planning for your wedding shouldn’t be without booking a professional wedding photographer. Don’t mistake professional photography for just anyone taking pictures. Your uncle, cousin or friend won’t do it the way it should, family members get distracted when attempting to play the role of professional photographers and key photo opportunities on the day might be missed. The collection of wedding photographers on met all the requirements you need in a Wedding Photographer. Professionalism surely counts to give your wedding a spark of genius from the photographer’s end.

If you must have someone take charge of your wedding photographs, you should hire a professional and here are the reasons why:

1. Experience and Professionalism

You can’t take professionalism and experience away from a Wedding Photographer. Years of being on the field doing the same thing over and over again are where they stand out. Nothing compares to this when it comes to having a quality production. The result you get in quality delivery comes from knowledge, experience, and style that the professional is armed with.

The wedding environment has diverse lightings, especially in Ireland where weather conditions are so unpredictable. From the church premises to the reception venue, you get different brightness.  A professional photographer is trained on how things can work for a good snapshot with a camera’s flash. Using their technical knowledge and experience, a good picture is not far away.

2. They are Reliable

A professional is prepared for the job at hand. It is not like an amateur or just anyone taking the wedding pictures. If you consider a good reason why a professional photographer will make more sense,  it is their dependability and reliability. They are prepared for any eventuality. If the battery goes down, he or she is equipped with backup. A professional photographer can still afford to have more than one expensive camera with him in the event of one malfunctioning. You need every key moment captured during your wedding, don’t you? You can’t trade a professional photographer for anyone else.

3. Insurance Cover

If you’re thinking photography is not that a serious business, you might need to think again. Professional Wedding photographers who know their onus are insured! And if a lighting system causes any harm, insurance takes care of the medical bills.

4. They have a Backup Copy in Place for Future Reference

Your friend can take some pictures of you during the wedding but there is no guarantee that he or she will keep them for long on a smartphone. If the situation arises that you need to make a copy of a particular moment or when you lose a photo you would love to have, you can trust a professional wedding photographer to have one in place to make a reprint for you.

5. Quality Production Assured

A great album of your wedding in colourful prints is what to expect after your wedding. Professional wedding photographers know the importance of having a good catalog and amazing collection in your album. You need not bother about printing your photos yourself.

6. Feeling Confident all through the Wedding

A wedding comes with its excitements and great moments that require some shots. Expecting just anyone to be alert to capture the moments is a great mistake. To have that good feeling that the photography you have hired is a professional will make your day stress free. You don’t want anyone to mess up things for you during the wedding. Remember that you can’t have a repeat wedding to capture the moments you missed earlier.

Professional Photographers Add Colours to the Wedding

See a professional wedding photographer as an artist. That is what they truly are. The dress sense and the experience they flaunt on the field is different from what anyone has. You are their focus all through the entire day the wedding lasts. You’ll be proud of the whole idea of hiring a professional wedding photographer!

There is no loss in hiring a professional wedding photographer for your dream day. You can’t trade it either for anything else if you want a great delivery for your wedding. Always book a professional Wedding Photographer.

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The Importance of Hiring A Wedding Videographer for Your Wedding

You have the wedding day approaching, you’re pretty much all set but in two minds about booking a Wedding videographer to capture the events as they unfold. Well let’s stop right there. 90% of couples who didn’t book a Wedding Videographer regret it. There is no sitting on the fence for the need of a wedding videographer. How will it sound like when you don’t have a recording of your wedding to savor the moments?

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14 things you do need for your wedding that you might not think about

Here is some Top Tips about Wedding Suppliers In Ireland

Planning a wedding is a mammoth task. There are infinite options you can consider and a host of checklists and services open to you. It is probably the most exciting, nerve wrecking, expensive, time consuming and joyous time of your life ! And a day nobody wants to get wrong. So here is a list of 14 things you do need for your wedding that you might not think about.

1.Professional Wedding Suppliers
I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with professional wedding suppliers. Those whose full time job it is to provide the wedding goods or services you are engaging. While its lovely if a friend with an interest in photography or flowers offers to provide the service as a gift, unless they are a professional, this is a bad idea. Continue reading “14 things you do need for your wedding that you might not think about”

22 Things I wish someone had told me about planning a wedding

Hindsight is a wonderful and annoying thing. Life, sometimes would be easier and less nerve wrecking, if we always had the benefit of hindsight. And while planning a wedding can be different for every couple, for those interested and willing to heed hindsight, here’s 22 things you’ll be glad you were told {and heeded} once the wedding is over.

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