How To Choose The Right Flowers For Your Wedding

The flowers you choose will have such a big impact on your wedding day; as much thought needs to go into it as choosing your dress and your venue.

Choosing a florist is the first step, as they will help massively in the decision process and supplying the flowers. However, ultimately, the choice is yours.

You can either choose the flowers depending on your dress, venue decorations, colour palette or the season. This guide includes the right flowers for each wedding season.

Flowers for Spring

Spring is one of the most beautiful times to get married, as flowers are in abundance. From the highly popular peony, to the show-stopping tulip and exclusive lily of the valley, there are a plethora of gorgeous spring flowers to add to your special day.

Muted pastels

Muted tones are very in-style in spring and extremely romantic. A perfect bouquet with pastel shades could include china blue hyacinths, muscari, cream and peach roses and freesias are. The hyacinths and freesias will add a new dimension to your wedding flowers and leave a wonderful scent at your venue.

Sunny yellow

Another fitting colour palette for your spring wedding flowers is yellow. This symbolises the re-emergence of the sun and the happiness and warmth it brings. Partner ranunculi, craspedia and yellow roses with green foliage, to create a fresh and vesty look. Add a silver ribbon to the bouquets to finish it off.

Beautifully bright

To celebrate the new season and to ward off the last of the cold, a beautiful bright bouquet will fit perfectly in your spring wedding. Combining parrot tulips, cosmos flowers and clematis will create a rainbow-hued feel to your day. Add all of these flowers with some luscious greenery into a loose bouquet to achieve that natural style bouquet.

Flowers for Summer

Summer is all about the colours and their enticing aromas and bold hues are the perfect way to celebrate your big day.

Pop of colour

Cool, stylish and chic with a pop of pink is gorgeous at a sleek monochrome wedding. Summer weddings can include a lot of white and clean colours to go with the heat, so adding a pop of colour can bring the whole aesthetic together. Combine roses, hydrangeas and carnations with fragrant spring blooms, such as sweet peas or hyacinths to create a beautiful and fragrant bouquet.

Boho chic

The most coveted flower of the summer wedding season is the peony and its beauty makes it easy to see why it is so widely beloved with brides. They have the perfect texture and softness and its flower meaning is ‘a happy marriage’, which is ever so fitting. If you want to go down the traditional route and focus on peonies, create a bouquet with big blousy peonies with speciality roses and wispy thlaspi for a romantic and bohemian look.

Heavenly roses

Roses have romantic associations of love and romance, especially red roses for obvious reasons. Therefore, they are a popular wedding flower, for any season. For summer, you could choose sumptuous speciality roses in soft peach and ivory and combine them with elegant lilies and some greenery. This bouquet will be timeless and will go with any wedding theme.

Flowers for Autumn

After the brightness and vibrancy of summer dulls down, the leaves start to fall and flowers mellow into warm autumnal shades. Seasonal berries and foliage start to emerge, which can be used to add texture and character to your wedding flowers.

Season’s choice

One of the easiest ways to create a bouquet for your autumn wedding is to just focus on which flowers and greenery is in season. Focusing on darker earthier colours, such as red, purple and orange will go perfectly with the ‘fallen leaves’ vibe. Calla lilies, mixed with roses and leucospermum are great for autumn weddings, as together they bring colour and texture to the arrangements.

Berry beautiful

Using seasonal fruit in autumnal bouquets is also very fitting. Here you could combine dahlias, camellias and chrysanthemums with your berries of choice. They will add a rich colour and a detail no one will overlook. If you are concerned about using fresh fruit, you can opt for some fabulous faux berries, which will give the same illusion when mixed with fresh flowers and foliage.

Pretty pumpkin

If you think of autumn, you think pumpkins. These can make the perfect seasonal addition to your wedding!

You can incorporate pumpkins by either placing small pumpkins and squashes in different shapes and sizes in pretty bowls on each table or by placing large pumpkins around the venue. Or if this is not your style you can still go with the pumpkin theme by making your flower bouquets orange; combine orange marigolds, poppies and crocosmia spitfire. This bright orange bouquet will be a head-turner!

Flowers for Winter

Winter weddings are extremely romantic, with the magical snow, twinkling lights and the glow of candles. Nature should always be the focal point, however, in winter you may not have a choice.

Traditional red and green

This may seem rather boring and expected, however, you can never go wrong with taking the traditional route. If you are tying the knot in December, close to the holidays, many people will be in the festive spirit and covering the venue in red and green will be very popular. For this you can just stick to red roses, petunias and poppies and add loads of green foliage.

Sparkling silver and gold

One of the most beautiful parts about winter and the festive season is the sparkling lights and the glitter. This theme is gorgeous all across the venue, especially for the flower bouquets. Combine white roses, orchids and lilies for an all-white look, topped off with twigs sprayed silver and gold with a metallic ribbon. This is a simple and mature approach to sparkles and glitter, adding it to a white bouquet.

Ho Ho Holly

If you are looking to make your bouquets even more festive, you can opt for seasonal and festive plants that just scream Christmas and the holidays. This can include holly, red azalea, cyclamen and mistletoe. If you combine all of these together in a beautiful bouquet, you won’t be able to get any more jolly. This may not be for everyone, but if you mix these plants together tastefully, they will be a statement piece on your big day.

Overall, there is the longest list of flowers that would be gorgeous and magical for every season, the ones listed above are just ideas to make one part of the wedding planning process a little easier.

If you have decided that real flowers are too expensive or you would like to save your flowers forever, you could opt for artificial flowers, which give a similar illusion and are also more sustainable.

It is the most important day in your life and every decision will be important, so pick carefully!

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