What To Do If Your Wedding Venue Shuts Down

The venue is a major part of any wedding. Costing around a third of most couples’ total budget for their big day, the place the wedding is held has a huge impact on the entire planning process and indeed the day itself.

But what if your wedding venue shuts down? With the current situation due to the coronavirus outbreak, many venues have regretfully had to shut their doors, leaving couples with weddings booked venue-less.

In this blog post, we provide an actionable guide on what you should do if your wedding venue shuts down.

Contact your venue

If you’ve been informed that your wedding venue has shut down, the chances are you’re already in contact with them. Clear and regular communication with your venue is vital to resolving the issue, giving them the cold shoulder will get you nowhere.

Under the current restrictions imposed by the government to slow the spread of coronavirus, many venues have been forced to close their doors. Remember this when liaising with them—this is a distressing time for suppliers as much as it is for couples. You can find out more about how couples and suppliers can work together during this difficult time here.

The wedding industry is a supportive network, and whatever the reason for your venue having to shut, they will be able to offer helpful advice on what you should do next.

Contact your insurer

Whatever the reason behind your wedding venue closing down, you should consult your insurance provider as soon as possible.

Wedding insurance policies are put in place to cover you in unexpected situations just like this, so the chances are they will be able to pay out for any financial losses.

If your wedding venue has shut as a result of COVID-19, you can find out more about what your insurance will and will not cover here.

Find a new venue

If your venue has closed down, but your wedding can still go ahead, you can try to find a new venue. Popular venues can be booked up more than a year in advance, but cancellations may mean that they have a date free.

When finding a wedding venue last minute, you will need to be open to compromises, such as the date and season of your big day. Weekends will be fully booked in peak seasons, but mid-week dates may be available, and you will likely have more options available if you are willing to re-book for an off-peak season. You can find out more about holding a wedding mid-week or in an off-peak season here.

You can search for top-quality venues in Ireland and easily view their availability through our directory.

Notify your guests and suppliers

If you have to change the location of your wedding, you’ll need to give your guests and suppliers as much notice as possible.

Notifying suppliers:

Wedding Suppliers are often booked up months in advance, especially in peak wedding season. Notifying suppliers of changes as soon as they are confirmed is vital to stand a chance of keeping your booking secured.

If your location has changed but the date has stayed the same, your supplier is likely to be able to accommodate this. However, if you have had to change the date of your wedding, there is a possibility that they are pre-booked by another couple, in which case you would need to find a new supplier.

Notifying guests:

Sending out new invitations or notes which detail the updates location, date and time of your big day as soon as it is confirmed will ensure that your attendees can make new arrangements, such as transport and accommodation, in good time.

Find out more

For more information about finding a new wedding venue for your big day, get in touch with the team at Wedding Suppliers now. Alternatively, you can search our comprehensive list of venues and suppliers through the Wedding Suppliers directory.

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