How Wedding Suppliers and Wedding Couples can support each other right now

Covid-19 has presented all kinds of challenges for both Wedding Couples and Wedding Suppliers. We are seeing couples having to postpone their wedding and re-visit their wedding plans. Assessing the ongoing effects of CV19 on a day to day basis is all we can do and the most difficult part is that none of us know when the World will reopen to resume with Weddings and social events alike. Here at we remain very optimistic and we will continue to issue informative content in our Blogs & Podcasts.

Postpone, Don’t Cancel (Your wedding is on pause)

First off, if your wedding is effected by CV19, then your wedding is on pause, not cancelled. Venues & Suppliers are working closely with their wedding couples and If you have any concerns, don’t hold back, engage with your venue and suppliers about options available to you.

Postponing may present some difficulties but there are ways to avoid pitfalls. You have already been through the planning stage IE: booking venue and finding your preferred suppliers. To avoid losing your “A” team of Wedding suppliers, we recommend considering the following:

  • Do not rule out rescheduling to off peak months (October, November, Jan, Feb)
  • Look at midweek dates. Your loved ones, family and friends will go to your wedding, regardless of the date. (midweek/off-peak)
  • If you are concerned about having to postpone, then put in place a “plan B” date and take the above into consideration.

By considering a Midweek, off peak dates, it will free up the stress of having to find new suppliers from scratch.

Will I Lose my deposit/booking fee?

In most cases your deposit/booking fee will be non-refundable. So in the event you need to postpone look at the options noted above. Some suppliers and venues will consider giving you a discount if you move from a peak date to an off peak date or midweek date. Talk to your venues and suppliers about this. Remember we are all in this together, every-one of us want to find the perfect solution. Team effort is more important than ever before.

How can I support my Wedding Suppliers?

CV19 presented a sudden shock to the economy and wedding industry. People have lost their jobs and trading has come to a stand-still. Like most small businesses, wedding suppliers will have cash flow issues. We are seeing part payments as a solution for both Wedding couples and Wedding Suppliers. Couples who have had to postpone their wedding are happy to offset some payment to their suppliers which in turn reduces the overall balance and resolves cash flow issues for the supplier. Team work 👍👍

What if my Supplier is not available for my new date?

Postponing could mean that not all your suppliers will be available. But don’t stress. Chat with your suppliers as they will possibly have a network of recommended suppliers in place. You can also revisit Wedding Directories like to source new suppliers. Again, if postponing it’s really important to avoid having to start from Zero again. Simply look at off peak dates and midweek.

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