Why Mid-Week Weddings ARE such a BIG DEAL

Are you and your partner in the mist of having to choose a “Plan B” date or postpone your wedding due to the impact of Covid-19?

Are you a newly engaged couple in the process of looking for a venue and locking down a date?

Then this blog and podcast is for you (podcast link below) ❤️

Wedding Couples and Wedding Professionals collectively are trying to process and speculate what lies ahead and the truth be known as I write this blog, is that none of us really know. What we can do is connect and share our experience and expertise, we can educate each other as we move forward and quickly try to identify solutions to problems that may arise. In this blog I am sharing my experience with Midweek weddings both as a Wedding professional and someone that got married Midweek.

So, as I write this piece I am reflecting on my own wedding. We picked a Thursday in November and we got married at The Station House in Kilmessan. There was no real reason for us picking a midweek date and I wanted to share my experience with you in this Blog. I have provided a link to a podcast 👇, so if you are on the move like running, walking, driving, then just click and listen. No excuse : ) 😎

Midweek weddings work and they work really well, however it is important to outline some common questions that we see popping up all the time. Writing out pro’s & Con’s is always a great place to start. Below is a very small list, but enough to highlight the most common concerns and benefits.

* Cons

  • A Midweek wedding might not suit all of my guests
  • Having a Midweek Wedding might hamper our next day celebrations
  • Will our guests be in party mode and enjoy our Midweek Wedding?


  • In most cases Midweek is more cost effective (venues, suppliers will have discounted prices)
  • Midweek means I will possibly secure the venue I want
  • Midweek means my favourite suppliers are more likely to be available (this applies to all three categories of couples outlined above)

The most common reaction when thinking about a Midweek wedding:  “A Midweek Wedding will not suit my guests”. Realistically this is only an assumption and it is not really fact. How can I say that? I am witness to the success of midweek weddings, simply because I got married midweek, I’ve attended dozens of midweek weddings (friends, family) and I’m a Wedding professional who has provided services to 100s of midweek weddings, they are always a success.

I do want to stress that this blog is not to push you into a Midweek wedding, but it is simply to highlight that it’s an alternative and a darn good one too. In fact, lots of couples are not aware that midweek weddings are hugely popular in Ireland. 

Covid-19 may present two major pitfalls for Couples who already have dates in place and will need to plan B or postpone. It will also have an impact on newly engaged couples who are in the early stages looking at a date and are researching venues and suppliers.

  1. Wedding Couples having to postpone might run into difficulties securing the same venue and suppliers.
  2. Newly engaged couples might find it more difficult to secure their venue on peak dates and Wedding Suppliers may also be hard to source due to the overflow from couples postponing from 2020 into 2021 & 2022.

With these two main issues in mind, it is important to NOT to rule out looking at midweek dates. The community of Wedding Suppliers listed on are already reporting a huge increase in midweek weddings, so by default wedding couples are moving to off peak months and midweek dates for one main reason –  They can keep their dream team of wedding suppliers that they spent so much time researching in the first place. Who wants to plan their wedding twice?

Note: The people that you invite to your wedding are mainly family and friends. They will go, regardless of the date. You want to give them the best day ever, and you too want to enjoy every moment. No one will remember what day you got married, but they will always remember how enjoyable the day was. Professional Wedding suppliers play a big part and contribute to the success of every wedding, so its important to keep this in mind.

We will continue to issue as many blogs and podcasts as possible to help you in your wedding planning journey. Remember, for now Weddings are on pause, but LOVE IS NOT. As cliché as that sounds, its FACT. Your Wedding day will happen and once we come out the other side of the storm that CV19 has presented, its going to be some PARTY.  I hope you found this blog and podcast useful.

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