Tips for Future-Proofing Your Wedding In A Post-COVID World

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it. The wedding industry has taken a massive hit as a result of restrictions, with one study suggesting that more than 60% of weddings have been cancelled or postponed.

But for couples who are planning their wedding for the coming years and for those who’ve had to postpone this year, what measures can be taken to reduce the risk of future trouble?

In this blog post, Wedding Suppliers shares tips and advice for future-proofing weddings in a post-COVID world.

Cut down the guest list

No one wants to uninvite a guest from their big day, but COVID-19 has put pressure on couples to minimise their guest list as much as possible for safety and to abide by government restrictions.

Keeping your guest list to a minimum post-COVID reduces the chance of having to let down guests and saves the stress of having to revise your guest list at short notice if further restrictions are put in place.

Some easy ways to reduce the size of your guest list include:

  • Children – make your wedding a child-free event for an easy way to cut the numbers
  • Plus ones – it’s nice for guests to be able to bring a plus one, but it’s an unnecessary extra person when social distancing measures need to be considered.
  • Extended family – If you’re close with your extended family, then by all means invite them. But if you haven’t seen your second cousin twice removed since childhood then don’t feel bad for giving them the chop.

Plan a micro wedding

Micro weddings have been an up and coming trend this year, and not only due to coronavirus. Coming in at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding and offering your (not so) big day extra intimacy, these small gatherings are gaining popularity.

It also helps that the minimal number of guests means that if any wedding is likely to be allowed to take place, it’s a micro wedding with only close friends and family present.

Choose an outdoor venue

One of the main reasons that weddings have had to be cancelled is due to the close contact within venues, which makes social distancing almost impossible.

Opting for an outdoor venue for your wedding means that, if there is a future spike in cases that leads to restrictions being reinstated, you have the space available to comply with these regulations.

Take out wedding insurance

Before COVID-19, many couples saw wedding insurance as an optional extra and way to cut the cost of their wedding. However, in a post-COVID world, wedding insurance has a vital role to play.

Wedding insurance can cover you for unexpected and uncontrollable events such as the death of a loved one and illness. At present, insurers cover for coronavirus related cancellation is a grey area.

If you’re planning a wedding and you want to ensure it’s as protected as possible, contact a reputable wedding insurance provider for their exact policy details so that you understand what you are and are not covered for.

Find out more

COVID-19 has caused a lot of upset in the wedding industry for couples and suppliers alike. As we move forward, one thing we’ve learnt is to prepare for all possible scenarios.

These tips give you a head start with planning and future-proofing your big day. If you’re still searching for your dream team of suppliers, why not check out our directory of trusted suppliers?

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