COVID-19 Wedding Cancellations: Holding a Micro-Wedding

With COVID-19 greatly restricting public meetings, the wedding and events industry has taken a big hit.

Thousands of couples have been forced to postpone or look at a Plan B date with the fates of those holding their celebrations this summer and autumn still up in the air. Some engaged couples have decided to make changes to their upcoming weddings in the hope that they can still take place.

In this blog post, Wedding Suppliers looks trends to emerge one “the micro-wedding”

Micro Weddings have always been a thing, but not popular. With the restrictions and different phases in place, we might see an increase in Micro Weddings. However, Irish people do weddings really well and the stats would show that most couples have postponed their wedding into 2021 which suggests that the larger wedding is always and will always be a preferred choice.

What is a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is the definition used to describe a wedding which has very few—usually less than 20—guests.

This type of wedding is usually more casual and much shorter in length than a traditional wedding, with less of the expected formalities, like speeches, cutting of the cake and throwing the bouquet.

Why are micro-weddings popular?

The average cost of a wedding in Ireland is €25,000 + . While for many this comes as no shock, for others it seems like a lot of money to spend on one day.

For those on a tight budget or preferring a toned-down event, micro-weddings are a popular choice, offering the full wedding experience on a smaller scale.

With large events such as weddings on hold for the foreseeable future, the popularity of the micro-wedding is set to grow, as more brides and grooms tie the knot on a smaller scale.

Tips for your micro-wedding

Whether a micro-wedding was your plan all along or it’s a last-minute back-up plan, here’s some tips to help you make it a success.

Review your guest list

Can you boil your guest list down to 20 people? If you can list everyone you want to be at your (not-so-big) wedding party on a single post-it note, then the micro-wedding is for you. If your ceremony is taking place ASAP while lockdown rules are still in place, your guest list may even be restricted to just those you live with!

However, if the idea of cutting your invites down drastically fills you with dread, then don’t change your plans soley down to pressure. If your wedding has to be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, that is a better option than having regrets about having a wedding you didn’t want.

Choose your venue

It’s easy for a venue to swallow its guests for a normal sized wedding, let alone for a micro-wedding with the maximum number of attendees peaking at 20.

As such choosing the right kind of venue is vital. While choosing a space that gives your guests room to relax, it needs to be small enough to create the special intimacy that can only be experienced in a micro-wedding. Again, as long as lockdown is still in place, your options may be limited to just your living room or back garden.

List the essentials

A micro-wedding usually cuts out a lot of the things you’d expect to see in a traditional wedding, but that doesn’t mean it has to cut down on everything.

The trick with a micro-wedding is to make a list of must-haves. Whether you want an extravagant cake or a designer gown, decide on the things that you and your partner aren’t willing to compromise on.

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