Why Elopement Is The Way To Go for 2021 And Beyond

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Micro weddings have been gaining ground for the past few years even before COVID-19. And now, it’s fast becoming the best option for just about any couple.

Micro weddings are more commonly known as elopements and they have been the top choice for risk-taking, travelholic and adventurous couples – even before all the social distancing that’s happening around us. What makes an elopement stand out for the adventurous ones is that it allows them to do literally anything they want for their big day. That’s because an elopement includes zero to just a handful of guests for the celebration.

Elopements are designed with no guests at all because the goal is to focus on the desires of the couple – nothing more and nothing less. The trend has changed a little bit because now, elopements can also mean intimate celebrations with 10-20 guests. Having said that, this type of wedding is truly a great option these days when big gatherings are banned and social distancing is required wherever you go.

Read on and see more reasons why an elopement is every couple’s best bet for their wedding next year and beyond!

Less stress on wedding planning

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to draw the conclusion that zero to 20 guests mean less hassle in all areas of wedding planning. Since you’re getting married with only the two of you or with just a handful of people, planning becomes a lot easier in terms of venue, transportation, accommodation, the reception program and meals, and just about every element of your big day. When you choose to elope, you can say goodbye to the huge and complicated arrangements that make a traditional wedding so stressful.

Photo credit: Moon Weddings

An opportunity to tie the knot in your dream destination

The lavender fields of Provence, France, the scenic Amalfi coast and Lake Garda in Italy, the historic castles and outdoor wedding venues in Germany, and the nature spots of Ireland are just some of the dreamy wedding venues that you can choose from. That is, if you decide to have a micro wedding abroad. You may have seen adventurous couples eloping at the edge of a cliff in Europe or in a charming century-old chateau in France. With a big guest list out of the way, you can have one of these settings for your destination elopement abroad.

“How can I plan a wedding thousands of miles away from home?” You may be asking. Well, you don’t have to physically be there to communicate with the wedding vendors. Some smart couples have chosen to hire local wedding planners in their dream destination and all they had to do is to pick an elopement package with all the essentials for their big day.

Some of the best elopement packages in Europe include:

  • Dedicated Wedding Planner
  • Symbolic Celebrant or legal Officiant
  • Photographer
  • Bouquet & Boutonniere
  • Hair & Makeup for the Bride
  • Live Music for the Ceremony
  • Coordination on-the-day
  • and more…

With these inclusions ready for your elopement, all you need to do is to book plane tickets and enjoy every moment of your day when it finally arrives.

More flexibility for ‘change of plans’

Almost everyone on the planet has experienced a major ‘change of plan’ in the past few months. We’ve learned how to adjust and we understood the importance of flexibility more than ever. Flexibility is the best thing about elopements and that’s also the reason why it could be the best option for you from this year forward. Here are three reasons why we think so:

  • Elopements are smaller and simpler so it’s easy to change plans.
  • In the past months, many people had to postpone their wedding plans to 2021, leading to a double demand on availability of dates with venues and suppliers… but we will still only have 365 days in the year!
  • With an elopement, you’ll have more options for venues and dates because your big day won’t involve too many guests or suppliers.
  • The world is becoming a more and more unpredictable place, so even after COVID-19, we don’t know what will hit us next. It’s good to be able to stay flexible!

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You can focus on what you really want as a couple

Dreaming of a destination elopement in a scenic nature spot in Europe? Perhaps you want to experience a winter wedding in Austria or Germany. Maybe you want to surprise your fiancé with a European honeymoon tour or a luxury wedding dress that she’s been fantasizing about.

What can often disillusion couples about a wedding is that their dreams and desires become secondary to the “requirements” of a big celebration. But with an elopement, your dream wedding checklist becomes more achievable as you’ll only have yourself to please. You can focus on what you really want because the complications of a big wedding are out of the way.

It’s practical!

In a traditional wedding, the couple’s wedding funds are split into many other things. When you have a guest list of 100 or more, you need to:

  • Hire an huge and expensive venue;
  • Choose an expensive package for wedding styling;
  • Allocate a big chunk for the transportation and accommodation of your guests;
  • Prepare a huge feast for the reception;
  • Hire a group of coordinators to prevent chaos on your big day;
  • Hire a high-end emcee to keep your guests entertained; and
  • Put aside a substantial amount for the unexpected expenses

With your wedding budget slashed in half or even lower, you can save some amount for you and your loved one’s honeymoon! Lastly, you can eliminate the stress of an ordinary wedding and just enjoy an intimate, meaningful, and more memorable experience with the person who truly matters.

This blog post was contributed by the team at Peach Perfect Weddings, a boutique wedding planning agency that provides tailored packages for elopements, vow renewals and intimate weddings for couples who want to get married in Europe.

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