Are you a “closet” bridezilla?

We all know how much time and effort goes into planning a wedding; everything down to the tiniest detail like what colour the tissue box is in the ladies toilet! But we also know, some brides-to-be can take things a little step closer to crazy.

Some brides find themselves caught between opposing pressures like wanting the day to be perfect but also having to deal with the financial reality, not to mention your mum or in-laws giving their opinions on how a wedding should be. Psychologically, this can sometimes lead to stress (which we are in no way undermining!), but what is interesting is that fine line between the bride and the ‘zilla.

Here we have created a simple test to find out how close you really are to “bridezilla territory”!

Take the test…

1.  You and hubby-to-be have finally sat down to look at table plans when he reveals he has invited more workmates than he agreed. Do you…

  1. )  Take a breath and then ask for exact names so you can update every list, EVER
  2. )  Tell him why you think that was a bad idea and then get the lowdown
  3. )  Close laptop and storm out to the nearest bridesmaid for comfort


2.  Your maid-of-honor pulls you aside 5 months before the wedding and tells you, quite excitedly, that she is pregnant! Do you…

  1. )  Work out her due date and consider moving your summer wedding to winter, everyone loves Christmas, sure!
  2. )  Give her a massive hug and start getting excited about cute baby names
  3. )  Stand in shock, wondering how she could do this to you


3.  It’s budget time and after a long night of finance talk, it’s not looking good for those favours you REALLY want. Do you…

  1. )  Offer to return your wedding shoes for a cheaper version to free up some money
  2. )  Let go of the idea and come up with something more practical
  3. )  Tell your beloved not to worry, then order the expensive favours anyway (because they look good, dang it!)


4.  On average, how many hours a day do you spend on Pinterest / Instagram / Facebook looking up dream venues…

  1. )  Work doesn’t allow personal phones in the office
  2. )  Maybe an hour a week, over a glass of red
  3. )  At least 10, but not just venues…


5.  You have just returned from your cousin’s wedding. Do you…

  1. )  Go on Facebook and like every photo of the day
  2. )  Take the heels off and catch some well deserved zzz’s
  3. )  Sit your fiancé down and discuss every detail on how your wedding will be better


6.  You have just agreed on the first dance song but your fiancé insists he doesn’t need dance lessons and wants to “wing it”. Do you…

  1. )  Tell him you’re happy to do a solo for most of the song
  2. )  Organise a night out and practise winging it together
  3. )  Tell him he’s not a bird… and to cop on


7.  It’s the day before the wedding and everyone is pitching in to staple your ceremony booklets together, as per your instructions. The end result isn’t exactly what you had in mind. Do you…

  1. )  Thank everyone, then stay up all night fixing the 150 booklets
  2. )  Start getting excited about the day ahead
  3. )  Throw a booklet into an open fire and cry your newly fitted eyelashes off

What’s the score…

Mostly a

You’re a bride-pushova!

Do you struggle with being assertive? Sometimes we can misinterpret assertiveness with meanness and can fall into the trap of being a pushover. The main thing to remember is: knowing your own mind is a blessing and the ability to speak up for what you believe in will stand to you in good stead. Trust that you have loving people around you who only wants to see you truly happy.


Mostly b

You’re a bride-chilla…

Things seem to fall into place at the right time for you and if they don’t, it wasn’t meant to be. The advantage of having a positive mindset whilst planning a wedding means that everyone will actually enjoy the process! Of course, there will be times when stresses may arise but if you concentrate on the reason you are getting married in the first place, everything should be just fine.


Mostly c

You are a bridezilla!

It’s your way, or the highway! Ever since you were little you have dreamt of the perfect wedding. It can be difficult communicating your vision when you feel so emotional about the topic (and let’s face it, a girls wedding is a pretty major topic!). Although it’s hard, try to understand how high expectations can lead to disappointments in the long run. No one is perfect and if they were, life would be pretty boring, eh? So, enjoy the reason for the season and check out our premium list of vendors, who will help you celebrate your day of love!





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